Alexis Tivoli

Alexis Tivoli is a Parisian porn star and model that has a delicately powerful presence. He is mostly seen in gay scenes being extremely hot! He is sensual and the way he kisses gets us all turned on!

For instance, in the video where we see him with Anteo Chara at a first meeting before shooting in Paris. Alexis can be extremely tender but also has a forceful, embracing nature. He is slender and meaningful. When he sucks, he sucks hard. In another video; ‘An afternoon shag’ he gives his lover an amazing blow job. When he fucks he takes his time which is refreshing to see after so much mainstream porn pushing men to go hard or go home! Alexis is definitely always hard, but he does not force anything and you can see that all his lovers enjoy every touch, every kiss and every moment spent with him. We do too! He is a perfect blend between masculine and feminine which makes him an extremely adaptable performer and someone we hope to see in multiple positions and a dynamic amount of scenes. Alexis Tivoli is definitely one of our favorite gay lovers at CHEEX. We look forward to hearing, seeing, and feeling more of him soon on CHEEX.

Films from Alexis Tivoli

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