Bring the fun of toys into your sex practice

Why Sex Toys Aren’t Just For Fun

Let me just say up front that sex toys are a lot of fucking fun, and they're supposed to be. I mean, having fun is the sole purpose of owning any “toy”, and fun is the biggest reason we all have sex (I mean… did we really need science to tell us this?) By this measure, sex toys are probably the most inherently fun objects on the planet. This alone is a fantastic reason tocelebrate their existence, and the social changes of the recent past that have made them more widely available and less stigmatized.
By Aria Vega 5 min read

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex Toys

The offer in sex toys has been only increasing over the last few years. What types do even exist? How to choose what best fits your needs? And how to take care of them?
By Anna Wim 7 min read

Lovely Lube – Natural Alternatives to Lubricants

These natural gadgets can make your love life even more fun and juicy. The best of herbal alternatives to lubricants can be read about here!
By Naomi Bechert 2 min read

Dos und Don’ts: Dein ultimativer Leitfaden für Gleitgel

Alles, was du schon immer über Gleitgel wissen wolltest und mehr...
By nevernot 5 min read

Fresh And Clean – How To Look After Your Toys

We’ve all been there - the dry, dull and hump free lockdown has made many of us seek release in the form of inanimate objects. Wands, plugs and vibes have filled the bedside drawers, but how to keep the fun lasting?
By Eva / Curated Toys 3 min read

The Power Of Lube

Find out why you should incorporate lube into your bedroom and which lube to use.
By HANX 6 min read

CHEEX Talks: Jordis Meise über den Umgang mit Sextoys im Familienunternehmen Fun Factory

Jordis ist Marketing Managerin bei Fun Factory, dem größten Hersteller für Lovetoys in Europa. Das alleine gäbe ihr schon genug Gesprächsstoff. Wäre das Unternehmen nicht auch von ihrem Vater gegründet
By CHEEX 1 min read