The Sex School teaches us „Pleasure Mapping“ – What Do I Like?

Often, it isn’t easy to know what feelings we actually enjoy or what arouses us. In order to help us find out both consensually and with care, pleasure mapping can be practiced. The Sex School shows us how it’s done.

Pleasure mapping can be most accurately defined as pleasure exploration – which in itself doesn’t sound so sexy. It’s about carefully exploring your own body by touching it. Thanks to a second person being present, you can fully concentrate on what it is that you are feeling both physically and emotionally in that moment. The Berlin Sex School shows you the pleasure mapping world  through its twenty minute tutorial. Mareen -the expert in this topic-, first of all explains what the concept entails and what is important to the two participants Linda and Bishop to keep in mind: how to communicate with each other, allow themselves their own perceptions and therefore be able to expand their own emotional world. After a brief conversation, Lina Bembe and Bishop Black take give pleasure mapping a try.

But take a look and navigate for yourself!

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