What is Pleasure Mapping?

Do you know what sensations arouse you the most? We are rarely encouraged to explore what we truly enjoy. In order find out – consensually and with care – you can practice pleasure mapping. The Sex School hub shows us how it’s done.


Pleasure Mapping - what for?

Pleasure Mapping is about letting go of your definition of pleasure. Our minds are filled with ideas of what pleasure should look and feel like, rather than exploring what it is to us.

Pleasure Mapping encourages you to sense rather than think and to open up your experience to a whole new range of sensations, focusing on even the most subtle ones. It is about letting go of any expectations of the outcome.

The aim of pleasure mapping is to heighten your sensitivity over time and to learn how to communicate better what you are experiencing. This is not only about sexual touch, it is about the whole spectrum of sensations.

Get Started

It is beneficial to practice pleasure mapping with a partner. Make sure that you feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed. It is important to clearly determine the person who is receiving and the one who is giving. The receiver guides the giver and communicates as best as they can what to do differently, how the touch feels, what emotions arise and how they would like the giver to continue. This can be an emotional exercise, so please take care of yourself and each other. Communication is key!

You can start by exploring your own body and play with different types of touch and sensations. Start out very slowly. How does blowing air on your skin feel? Where are you most sensitive? How does scratching feel? Where on your body do you enjoy grounding touch? Where do you want to be caressed softly? Kissed? Licked? Spanked? You might want to stop in between and take notes or draw an actual map of your body. You can do this practice as often as you like. The map might look different every day. We recommend journaling or talking about your experience afterwards.

Explore Pleasure Mapping with The Berlin Sex School

With its 20-minute tutorial, The Berlin Sex School explains and shows you what pleasure mapping entails. After going over the concept, expert Mareen reminds receiver Linda Bembe and giver Bishop Black what is important to keep in mind: how to communicate with each other, to let their own perceptions surface and thereby allow their emotional world to expand. After a brief conversation, Lina and Bishop take give pleasure mapping a try.

Watch the tutorial on CHEEX.



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