menstrual crup

One Girl One Cup – The explicit tutorial on how to use a menstrual cup

Lina Bembe explains everything you need to know about the menstrual cup by The Female Company. This is how we imagine great sex education: No shame, no censorship.

For a long time The Female Company has been asked how to use their menstrual cups properly. Is there no tutorial? There sure is.

But there’s no way to explain how to use the cup without showing it. Impossible on social media. Why? Because there’s no distinction between pornographic content and education. We stand with The Female Company and agree: Education about your period should not be a taboo subject.

We are proud to show you the One Girl One Cup Tutorials, far from taboo, shame or among harmful contents.

The Quickie 
Play Video
The Workout 
(Insert the cup)
Play Video
The Pullout
(Remove the cup)
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Curious to see more of performer, activist and sex educator Lina Bembe?
Watch her films here.


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