NICE TO MEET YOU – Luna Corazon

Charming Luna Corazon, tells us about her life in Europe, her naked pleasures and favourite days spent together with her partner. She has been around in the scene for a while and a lot to tell us.

Nice to meet you Luna! Originally from Sao Paulo, Brasil, she is a pure “Paolista”-  a term used for people from the city – and has grown up there in a family together with her two sisters. 

"We are just different. You are just bigger or smaller, but we are humans and I don't give a shit about it"

Raised by a mother that made sure to engage with maximum freedom of expression and little taboos, she learned from very early years on how liberating, spirituality and physicality can be – how important it is to be “naked”, literally as well as abstractly speaking – how great it is to feel oneself and how empowering a look into the mirror can be. Perfect porn to her, she says, has sometimes more to do with the ears than the eyes and is based on respect from society (doing porn is a job like any other), governmental acceptance and is also linked to gender-fluidity and diversity, free from cliches! To learn more from Luna and her world, feel free to tune into the vid. It was very nice meeting you Luna, thanks so much for sharing this with us.

Go to #NTMY to find more Videos like this and don’t forget to follow Luna on Instagram.

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