Erotic Bodywork – Massages for All the Senses

Erotic bodywork involves touching and massaging the body. Before embarking on a journey of exploration of one’s own body, expectations should be clarified in a preliminary conversation. It is important to have a good level of communication with the person treating you.


What concerns do I have? What are my wishes? Where are my limits? Where do I need a lot of attention and sensitivity? One should feel to be in good hands and feel trust. The more pleasurable, liberating, powerful and healing the whole experience can be. 

The sensual, erotic and lustful awakening of the person is the focus of the massage session. All of us long for the body to be touched. The skin is a highly sensitive organ. Sexual energy is the strongest force within us. It is important to give it space and expression. This contributes enormously to our general well-being and creates psychological balance. Touch regulates our nervous system in a wonderful way. We can switch off mentally, have easier access to our feelings and the universe of our body. There are different approaches and focuses in erotic bodywork. The most common are the following three forms:

Erotic Massage

Erotic massage is primarily about relaxation, pleasure enhancement and a hot, discharging orgasm. It is offered in many places in so-called erotic massage studios. There are enormous differences in the quality, the price range and the appearance of the location. You should definitely do some research beforehand to find out whether the offer corresponds to your own wishes. During a good erotic massage, the person giving the massage gives sensuality and tenderness with their hands. An erotic atmosphere is created. Numerous wishes and fetishes can be catered for. Joint bathing and showering is offered, as well as practices from the BDSM area. Many dare to ask for anal touching or prostate massage in this context. The touching of this region can be very pleasurable and dynamic, but is unfortunately left out in some bedrooms. Most of the clients are male, although women are also welcome. Unfortunately, not many women take advantage of this offer yet. I often ask myself why? Dear women, start allowing yourself this kind of pleasure. Enjoy, relax and let yourself be pampered!

Tantra Massage

A Tantra massage is about long-lasting arousal, deep relaxation and letting go. It is part of Tantra, a philosophical branch of religious Hinduism. The original, authentic thought is that the discharged orgasm is not the goal. This would mean a loss of energy. Rather, the excitement should be distributed throughout the body. Tantra speaks of energy centres in the body, the so-called chakras. Our lust is primarily located in the lower chakras of the upper body. Through certain techniques, lust is moved to the higher energy centres. This makes new sexual heights possible, such as full body orgasms and expanded states of consciousness. There are rewards when we engage with our inherent erotic potential and let ourselves fall. One should not only chase the orgasm mentally and physically. The arousal should be in flow and also include the heart level. In Tantra massage, everything can happen, nothing has to. The lust may flow as it flows. Both persons are naked during the massage, as this is important for a particularly beautiful and intense experience of physical closeness. There are two different approaches, but both have in common that the genitals are touched extensively. Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the vulva and lingam is the term for the penis. During the so-called Yoni and Lingam massages, certain energy points are activated. The touches are very slow, thoughtful and attentive. This releases tension and opens up new areas of pleasure.

Sexological Bodywork Session

A Sexological Bodywork session leads to transformation, healing and knowledge transfer. This form of therapy was developed in the 1980s by Joseph Kramer, an American sex educator and sex therapist. First of all, a detailed conversation is held at the beginning of the session. All topics around one’s own sexuality and partnership can be addressed: Challenges, desires, blockades, and feelings. In the body session, the so-called somatic learning takes place. A topic where development is desired is included in the body touch. In the best case, learning takes place through the body. In the evaluating final discussion, what was experienced and learned is consciously illuminated. There are also different styles here. For me, the so-called Taoist Erotic Massage is one of the most effective techniques. The person receiving the massage is encouraged to actively participate, through breath or movement. Perception is intensified and blockages in the body can be broken up. In this way, the person can enjoy their sexuality freely and naturally again.

All three approaches presented help to broaden the sexual experience. The erotic potential should be lived freely and enjoyably. The person as a whole becomes happier, more successful, more self-aware and more body-aware. Many beautiful experiences await us. One should decide for these. I recommend everyone to touch each other lovingly and mindfully, whether alone or together. Loving and pleasure – giving touch is one of the most beautiful things this world has to offer. Take your time for it!


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