Zara Du Rose

Zara DuRose is a financial dominatrix, a latex wearer, a model, a red-headed stunner, an event organizer, and a very sensual being. She is a rose to look at, feel, smell, and all the rest.

Zara Du Rose loves to get involved in all kinds of kink and fetish play where she can give and receive pleasure in an equal way. She is dynamic and concentrated on being the most sensual she can possibly be. She used to work as a police constable which shows this multi-award-winning adult model is much more than just her sensuality. She describes herself as ‘deep, dark and mysterious’ as well as a ‘general pervert’, with so many kinks that she wants to explore. Go and watch Zara DuRose and you will never regret watching this sensuality, sexuality, deep intimacy, and pure ecstasy. The fact that Zara DuRose wants to explore even more just gets us even more excited about the future of Zara DuRose. Will she tie more people up, will she wear even finer latex, will her event business boom, and will we get an invite to all these beautiful explorations?

Films from Zara Du Rose

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