Spark Erotic

Spark Erotic was established in 2015, based in Colorado, erotic production firm. Its mission is to make longing for sexuality exciting and empowering- by creating videos that show how valuable the sexual drive is. There are three core qualities Spark Erotic believes in: authenticity, cinematicity, sexuality.

That is why the performers are actual lovers- they do not meet only on set. Also all the team behind the camera consist of friends and couples. Spark erotica then creates content that is focusing on the many hetero-couple narratives.
“We believe a key element in successful Erotica is the Spark, or passionate charge between individuals. Our mission is to capture this energetic exchange between partners and combine it with excellent artistic creativity to elevate the experience of Erotica for its participants and audience.”
Moreover, the videos of Spark Erotic are chill, relaxing, atmospheric- we love that it captures daily situations, such as tiding up house, or expecting a guest in a unique way, because it focuses on the very small things that make the moment special. The videos portray individuals celebrating togetherness in their relationship. The productions of Spark expose a small fiery particle thrown off from a fire of excitement and passion for each other in a couple. Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest impact.

Films from Spark Erotic

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