Les Philou

Les Philou are a French couple who are as fine as French food and French wine. You only ever see their bodies making sweet love, which allows you to concentrate firmly on the foreplay, oral, and penetration that they enact. The foreplay is long and tender and then develops into a hot and heavy climax.

The camera goes from being the woman’s point of view to the man’s which gives the whole watching experience a dynamic sensuality. We love the homely vibe that Les Philou are always in. In one video they are in their own bedroom and while the love is happening we see a very cute cat wander past the camera’s lens. Two pussies: lucky us! In another video, it feels like you are touching her as the camera is so intimately focused, while she is playing with her dress. They play with anal plugs and we see one of our favorite reverse cowgirls we have ever seen! Having a whole video where we only see her vagina being fucked from behind and never from the front, is the tease we love to see from Les Philou. Les Philou focuses the camera at lengths on one part of their sexual practice and we love to see that precious element at CHEEX. Les Philou takes sex tapes to a whole other level of professionalism, lust, and sensuality!

Films from Les Philou

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