In this case not the combination of two keys- but two filmmakers. In fact, AltShift has gained a lot of experience throughout more than fifteen years! It includes collaborations on various video productions: features and short films, as well as TV and branded content.

In the adult industry specifically, they have been creating for ten years. The combination of these two commands, name much more. First of all, Alt, stands for ALTernative [porn] that is the core of this production firm. The AltSift began to split partly from the mainstream only recently, and that is also to apply new- conscious ideas on what porn could be like. Secondly, they involve the shiftable sexualities and genders, subverting the traditional relationship roles, expanded to ethical non- monogamy models challenging the binary gender norms to fluid attributes. Alt is also ALTering perceptions, restructuring the view on the audiovisual erotic. They bring up and retell the queer narratives on sex, are open and curious. The videos realize various ideas on freedom of sex- fantasies, kinks, BDSM practices, which are composed in the beautiful, sensual, arousing record of the intimate moments of the diverse performers. To catch the essence, we would describe it as: natural, empowering, provoking imagination, and love the statement behind each of the videos. The AltShift videos invite the world of pure, not limited by any convention, smart, conscious eroticism.

Films from altShift

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