Allie Oops

Allie Oops is a creator and runs a business producing slow content in an era of high-speed consumption, with the promise to make you re-read, re-watch, re-think, question yourself – and grow. As well as producing, she works in intimacy coordination and consultancy and creates an amazing atmosphere for everyone involved.

Just like CHEEX, Allie Oops is interested in blurring the lines between learning and lusting. Allie Oops has her focus on sexuality, sex work, and gender and this has spanned over a decade. Committed to developing skills for providing safer, more ethical environments, whether it’s an indie porn, or a Hollywood production, Allie consults to ensure fair, equitable, educational, accurate, and pleasurable experiences for everyone on set. She works with Erika Lust on a video featured on CHEEX: ‘Fantasy Hotel’. It is evident when watching that there is magnificent thoughtfulness put into this dreamlike orgy. Each performer is comfortable and peaking with pleasure, as are you, as you feast on the screen’s hedonistic delights. Allie Oops is an example of how the porn arena is changing, with much more care and respect going into how it is directed and produced. It is also nice to see, through Allie Oops, that porn performers are being treated like film actors and given the same humanity.

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Wanna get a taste of CHEEX?