Adreena Angela

Adreena Angela is a Dominatrix, a professional pervert, educator, and co-host of ‘one-night parties’. She also has a room you can rent out in London for kink parties and sessions on all the bondage equipment.

She is a true entrepreneur. She is an activist for feminist rights, especially in the sex world and porn industry. She believes if you are able to hold the values and rules of ethics within this industry you can be a feminist and empowered. We agree! Those markers for her are ‘practicing consent-communication-start small- make mistakes-don’t forget intimacy- use a sex-positive dating app’. There is evidence of some of her educational powers but it also lets you into how Adreena is as a performer. She is knowledgeable about her boundaries and aware of her boundaries, which is an inspiration in this movement into ethical and consensual porn. It is inspiring and confirming for us to see Adreena perform her magically empowered sensuality. On her website, she says that she has always thrived off her female sexuality ‘since I went to my first fetish club at 17’. She sees herself mostly as a Dominatrix but also says that she has ‘erotic


Films from Adreena Angela

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