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CHEEX @ Sx Tech 2020

We are super excited to announce that CHEEX will be at Sx Tech Conference 2020 in Berlin on 20th November 2020!

Technology and sex are becoming more and more intertwined while building a bridge for education, therapy and new forms of intimacy. At Sx Tech Conference, there will be hosted different workshops, panel discussions with sexual wellness experts and technological experiences around sexual self-care, wellness, intimacy and education.

Get to know the hosts of the Sx Tech Academy and learn about sex toys, audio erotics in therapy to body exploration, sex education via VR – and so much more! Experience AI consciousness with pleasure doll Kokeshi where sophisticated physical and digital meet the client’s desires without shame or stigma. Furthermore, Sx Tech Conference is a great chance to meet investors and exciting startups in the sex tech industry to keep up with the fascinating changes.

We’re thrilled to support Sx Tech Conference 2020 – the only conference that is focusing on the intersections between sex and technology! We’re joining other amazing sex tech & fem tech startups, speakers, experts to know all about the future of sexual health through the lens of deep tech. Use this link to get 15% off Sx Tech Conference tickets:

Our team is excited to meet you there!

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