Soundscape: Tantric Moments

A piece to get you into a tantric state, perfect for erotic massages and meditation! Using a variety of instruments, this soundscape will make you feel otherworldly!

Soundscape: Creativity Booster

A piece to help you focus and get creative at work or in your private life! With the help of Gamma Waves, this soundscape will get you into that flow you've been seeking to finish that book you've been working on, pick up your drawing tools or finally get that photography project going! Are you ready to get creative? Just click play.

Soundscape: No Distractions

A soundscape for working from home or in an office where focusing can be difficult either due to too much noise around or too much silence. Yes, you heard that right - too much silence can be distracting too!

Soundscape: Sleeping Beauty

A soundscape to help you turn off your brain after a long day. Using pink noise that filters out things that distract you and alpha waves that induce calm feelings, this mix is perfect for people with sleep difficulties and all chronic overthinkers out there!

Soundscape: Get in the Mood

A soundscape designed to spark excitement and get you in the mood to get intimate with yourself or with your partner(s), even if you had a long day and might feel a little tired. This soundscape uses ASMR elements such as breathing, blowing and gentle buzzing to awaken your desire!

Soundscape: Resetting to Homeostasis (Panic Attack Aid)

The tempo of this soundscape reflects that of a standard adult's breathing (7-second intervals) which helps the listener to relax and to bring them down from a panicked state - returning the brain to homeostasis.

Soundscape: Bye, Bye Anxiety

A Soundscape designed to help with anxiety attacks and feelings of unrest. Natural sounds and white noise elements will help you stop spiralling thoughts and regulate your nervous system. We know anxiety can make you feel completely helpless and alone, but you're not! Discover the power of sound to guide you out of difficult situations.

Soundscape: The Sounds of Sex

This soundscape is the perfect addition to your sexy playlist! Using a mix of Alpha and Beta Waves, The Sound of Sex helps to stay in the zone so you can give your partner and yourself the attention you deserve. Many people struggle to let go of their thoughts and to fully let themselves enjoy their intimate time - this soundscape is designed to help you make the most of your sexual experiences!

Soundscape: Aftercare

Aftercare is an essential part of any sexual experience. This soundscape uses theta waves and warm repeating synth sounds to create a relaxing atmosphere for you to take care of each other after sex. You might just want to fall asleep together peacefully or just appreciate the moment together - this soundscape is for you!