dirty talk

Sexy Chef

What do you want to taste. Sweet, salty, sour, spicy? I'll show you all the flavours, come with me, I'll show you around my kitchen.

Watch Me

After a long working day, Jake takes a shower and goes to his room to relax, when he notices his neighbor across the street having tea on the balcony, wearing just her underwear.

Creative Sexy Team

A successful day of shooting between the couple Selina and Eric and the performer Giselle comes to an end. Watching the footage again, the couple gets horny, which makes them interrupt their work briefly for some hot sex.

Keep in Touch – Episode 02

Before he left, she surprised him with a gift to open in his new home. "Call me at 10", says an enclosed note, next to a toy. A stimulating, intense phone call awaits them both.

Bad Tourists

A young couple travels through the night on a bus. The perfect opportunity to indulge themselves.

Playing With Toys

Hot foreplay in the shower leads to some domination games with new presents: a spreader and a whip.


Sometimes sex does not have to be elaborate nor intricate, raw and pure fucking is all you want.

Monster Cock Fantasies

Sometimes he has monster cock fantasies… He is ashamed to say it aloud when they talk, but she isn’t frightened that he dreams of monster cocks. The opposite.

Fuck Me With Your Words

Do you like being talked dirty to? Would you like to get more confident talking dirty in bed? This audio can be a source of inspiration, or instructions…

Erotic Humiliation

You want this? How much do you want it? Enough to humiliate and degrade yourself by begging?

So Here’s What I Like In Bed

Our narrator opens up to her new sexual partner about what she likes in bed… in her own words, it is “filth.”

Perfect Orgasm, Denial Erotica

Her begging is so pretty but it takes time to really get her to that place where it is consuming her...

Wanking From My Perspective

I want to fuck him, but anxiety has making it difficult for me to come lately. So I tell him: I want to fuck, but first I want him to watch me having a wank. I want you to lie with me, and help me, and whisper filthy things while I do it. And you can watch it from all angles in the bedroom mirror."

Making Love at the Fireside

Sex by the fireplace? What a great way to finish off a winter hike in the woods. Naked infront of the chimney...