Widow Kush

Widow Kush is based in Amsterdam. She is a performer and a producer that loves kinky sex. Window is not only a great performer, she also is also super skilled in bondage! She can tie herself with rope, to enjoy a submissive ride.

Bunny and Clyde is one example where she and her partner share their intimate connection and passionate pleasure spiced up with soft BDSM and toys. Their videos are characterized by the homemade atmosphere and even POV aesthetic. Widow Kush has delicate skin, full lips, legendary abs, and juicy ass, and her interest in Fitness, Video games, Massage has a big impact on erotic production. She has a well-trained, fit, soft muscular body, with an appearance that is likely inspired by video games characters. A turn off for her is a rough and bad-mannered person. So while she likes to be dominated, she practices BDSM only in an elegant way, which makes her porn have a high style.

Films from Widow Kush

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