Ivan Sobris Films

Ivan Sobris Films is a queer filmaker and documentarist. In his films he explores the diversity of gay sexualities by filming all kinds of ways gay men explore intimacy; from single men, couples and groups. He always aims to balance lust with beauty and passion with pure intimacy. His films are very poetic.

He is extremely sex-positive and loves everything from what he labels ‘vanilla’ to all the kinky fetish porn. We especially love Ivan’s ‘Afternoon Shag’ that is featured on CHEEX. It is fast and wild but also shows two men really lustfully falling for each other’s touches. He is definitely one to watch in all senses of the word! He is doing very well by pushing his films into the porn arena already having his films screened at the Berlin Porn Film Festival and now the Athens film festival. Furthermore, In 2020 Ivan Sobris Films was part of the official selection at the San Francisco Porn Film Festival! On his website, Ivan states, ‘I strongly believe that sex and the many ways of experiencing it are beautiful and should be celebrated,’ which makes Ivan someone who is a huge part of the new ethical porn revolution. We love Ivan!

Films from Ivan Sobris Films

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