Irina Vega

Based in between the UK and Spain, she is a versatile author: graphic designer, writer, and most important- indie adult filmmaker. In fact, Irina is not only a talented creator. She is actually quite a very important player, as a CEO at Altporn4U, as well as directing and managing European Muses – a model adult agency.

Irina Vega joined the adult industry already in 2005-modeling and, producing, ever since she has well understood the needs of both producers and sex workers. That allows her to distinguish her content-creating practice as the most professionally done, achieving the most excellent results! As a photographer, Irina Vega loves to experiment with the light and bring porn into the dimension of the visual alternative playing with perspectives and different angles. The productions she engages in are very diverse, from cinematic shots to homemade- aesthetic clips. The videos that she produces are explicit and hot, kinky and intense. They definitely stand for unlimited fun and capture the very sexual satisfaction, whether it is a solo performance, girl-on-girl, couple, or group fuck. The models remain natural, you can notice that in the videos they sometimes pause or slow down- to observe, kiss, cuddle, or even take a snapshot- and it is not a turn-off, but the opposite- makes the videos real, and passionate. They could be described as orgastic in every single second of duration. And orgiastic is something that you can definitely associate with CHEEX! Her work has been recognized and awarded on many porn festivals, from which the most marvelous have been Galaxy and Ninfa Awards. Get to know why and let Irina Vegas’ videos please your pleasure.

Films from Irina Vega

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