‘Ghomestory’ are a beautiful couple who are multi-talented. The videos incorporate lovely IrinaG who is from Russia and works as a tattoo artist and oil painter and her lover; ‘Mr Ghomestory’.

It makes sense that Irina is a tattoo artist as she boasts some extremely beautiful tattoos all over her lustrous body and is empowered to bear all for the videos she is in. The videos that are already on CHEEX, with Ghomestory, are extremely real and the best thing is you can really imagine yourself in these sexual moments. We love ‘Mighty Morning’ which begins with Irina touching herself in bed in a sleepy moment. As she does her lover wakes up and begins to replace her hand with his. We are allowed full frontal access to Irina being pleasured through fisting and lots of sexy penetration. Mr. Ghomestory loves to play with the point of view to show all of Irina’s gorgeous body. Irina can do one look and you can see her sexual appetite shine through the camera. The couple loves to do close-ups where you can really feel the sensory experience of both their lovemaking. We are in awe of Ghomestory and their love of sex!

Films from Ghomestory

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