Cruel Valentine

Cruel Valentine is really a cruel valentine. You want to give them roses and see them cut them and trace them around their beautiful body.

They are an award-winning, international burlesque entertainer, adult film performer, dominatrix, actor, dancer, writer, and artist. They began their burlesque career in 2007 and are now offering private and public workshops so you can also have the chance to get golden in this empowering art form. Valentine has worked as a board member with several Chicago performance art organizations, as well as offering business consulting services to alternative, creative, and adult companies. They are so very talented and also inspired by the educational side. They have beautiful candyfloss blue hair which especially looks good in the video we have of Cruel Valentine called ‘Hide and Seek’. They are known as ‘Chicago’s Own Community Chest’ because they bring everyone together to learn, feel empowered, and begin their journeys, wherever they may want to go. They even have a shop so if you love to watch them you can love to wear them too. It’s called and sells pasties, vintage pin-up couture, and other titillating burlesque accessories. Go and have a look at Cruel Valentine and be stunned by their gorgeous ways and high intellectualism of the sensory. 

Films from Cruel Valentine

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