Azalea Trix

The performer goes by many names: Azalea Trix, Mother Azalea, Prince Poison. They are the person behind ColorBlock Films, a production to celebrate queer sexuality and a tool to share stories of those who are not represented enough in mainstream porn.

Since 2019 they are working in the adult industry focused on kink and fetish films. Mostly POV FemDom videos, which quickly expanded to phone sex, panty sales, and in-person BDSM sessions. After spending about a year focused on selling towards a mainstream audience, they began shifting towards making partnered porn that centered the experiences in queer, trans, BIPOC, disabled, fat, and neurodivergent folks.
Being indulged in genuine pleasure, showing lust through their voyeuristic lense and bringing fantasy alive make their films into unique pieces.

Outside of the adult world they would call themselves a “grandma” as cooking, jigsaw puzzles, reading and horror movies as well as spending lots of time with their dog and cat, Molasses and Bean, are their most favorite things to do.

Films from Azalea Trix

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