Your Period Came, And So Should You

While I usually struggle with dryness, during my period my vulva and vagina feel like they are parts of a delicious lava cake. A warm, comforting feeling surrounds me. Everything flows. And that’s why menstruation is also my favourite time for masturbation.


Mens - and masturbation

Masturbation during menstruation is neither dirty nor reprehensible. On the contrary, your body wants it and therefore puts you on hormone deprivation: the pleasure killer progesterone abruptly stops working. So many people get extra horny during their menstruation, at least compared to the progesterone-rich days before.

The advantages of masturbation

But since this sudden hormonal shift can also have a negative impact on our mood, we can use a few extra feelings of happiness. Let your orgasm help. Orgasms release endorphins that can relieve cramps and menstrual pain. They help us sleep and make our bodies feel great, even when we’re bloated.

Avoid skin irritation

If you don’t feel like someone has sprayed you with a thick layer of WD40, you can help it along with lube. Especially on weak days or when you use menstrual cups or tampons, some of the natural secretions can be lost. And this is completely normal. Try to avoid irritating the skin, because injuries are easily lost when you’re already bleeding.

Good Vibrations

It is difficult to insert fingers or sex toys into your vagina when you are menstruating with tampons or a menstrual cup. In this case, concentrate on your clitoris or simply take out your period product. Massage your nipples and enjoy external touch. Sex toys like the pressure wave vibrator or lay-on vibrators stimulate the clitoris and are easy to clean with warm water and soap. 

Free Bleeding

If you use pads or period panties anyway, you can of course insert your fingers or sex toys vaginally. In this case, you can keep tissues handy to wipe away menstrual blood or put a towel underneath. Better still, don’t put a towel underneath. Every stain is a sign. A sign of liberated sex.

No desire for desire

This reflects my opinion alone. I am fully aware that not everyone wants to or can be sexually active during their period. It’s just that for people with periods, there is still shame, stigma and disgust associated with touching yourself during your period. Instead, cis men often have the annual pass to masturbation land. So: come to the amusement park too. The power tower is waiting for you.


Masturbation is having sex with the most important person in your life: yourself. And you are allowed to touch yourself at any time. Whether you’re bleeding or not.

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