Valentina Bianco

Valentina Bianco is based in between Amsterdam and Barcelona. She is an Italian beauty. A hypnotic sight, she is delicate with a mysterious smile and much charisma and outstanding erotic performances.

What relaxes Valentina is walks in nature, you can bump into her in a park. She is also interested in reading, doing sport and of course sex!  As a sagittarius she chases adventures even in her daily life, Valentina likes “happenings” and seeks fun. She is generally spontaneous, but there are some things she can be predictable- Valentina enjoys having an exclusive dinner and passionate sex after. Eventually, these are two things that really matter in life: food and sex, they work on all the human senses. She is also an adventurous lover that can reset the boundaries of her encounters and partners. She values freedom, and having everything on her terms. Valnetina Bianco sets her rules, softly leading to achieve the best of her lovers. She is delicate and tender, and so is the content that she creates. We love it for being very natural and a bit kinky. Sags aim to be independent, Vanlentina is doing great independently! She is a great, expressive soloist. She is super hot wearing tight jeans and even hotter once they get wet! Valentina is spectacular exploding with a golden rain, pleasing herself on the bathroom floor, not in a setup scenery, but a real homey setting.

Films from Valentina Bianco

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