Perwoopar, comes from Sweden, but gets her inspirations directly from japanese cartoons, manga  and anime style. She changes her appearances: from an extra femme, wearing tights and lace underwear or an erotic puppie, dresses up with rabbit ears, or a tale or with buttplugs.

She performs in a pervasive, sub fem way. She can drive you crazy with her vaginal and anal performances. She often keeps her face invisible, and has an additional couple of hands (her partner) to keep her company and contribute to achieving sexual pleasure. There are many sensitive points of Perwoopar, and she likes to get attention simultaneously. We love her sexual consciousness and nonconformist desire for satisfaction:

I create content with a bit more focus on female pleasure. I hope guys can enjoy that too. With my content you never have to imagine that the girl likes it. I create stuff I want to do, I don’t do this for others. No cheap monkey, no theater (no tongue out and look “retarded” cross-eyed) just a womans naughty fantasy and lust. I can add that making content also makes us try out (my, the girl) fantasies and roleplay like we won’t not do otherwise. And that makes our sexlife way more interesting, and also has to renew us with new toys and outfits. Creative and try to stand out from the crowd with those mediums that we have to work with.”    

Perwoopar’s videos can bring you to another, parallel world of neon lights and fantastic toys. She is a real master of her own body, the professional  in kinky pussy pump, anal, bdsm, fetish stuff, performes solo and in couple.

Films from Perwoopar

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