Malcolm Lovejoy

Canadian Pornstar, who LOVES joy! And we love him making it! He describes himself as: “sexmachine, proffessional love maker, sex machine”. He confesses: “Love is all I bring”, he is crazy about women, and delivering pleasures. Malcolm treats his practice multidimensionally: health (concidering body and mantal health), erotic and spiritual.

His mission is to heal, establish connections, bring happiness: “satisfy most, if not all, of your mental, physical and emotional needs”. We love Malcolms compleccity of thinking about sex, and giving just enough attention to achieving female erotic fullfillment. He finds sex as the most complex remedy and joys of life, ultimately, a way to Heaven on Earth. And that is where his amazing performance would guide you to! He puts a spell with tender words or passionate moaning- delivering a pleasure. He has a lot to offer- a gorgeous smile, charming ways of looking or… orgasmic hands, with a superpower to make you forget all the worries of this world. It was a long way until Malcolm joined the adult industry, but even before he was bringing sensual pleasure. Adhimu “Malcolm Jackson Lovejoy” Stewart (which is his full name) was actually a music star of late 90s hip-hop! Nowadays he is: “passionately devoted to giving unprecedented passion for providing safety, satisfaction, sexual education, inspirational artistry and sweet memories for women, men and all people exploring their identity/sexuality”, wants to be: “sexual, intellectual and emotional excellence to women & all people”. Quite a challenge, but… ? Mr. Lovejoy is doing great- that you find it out yourself, with the best on CHEEX. “Welcome to a new level of Love.”

Films from Malcolm Lovejoy

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