Efi and Walter

Efi and Walter are a Mexican couple, long-time relationship (they have been together since 2007!). Both Efi and Walter are not stereotypical erotic performers. They do not participate in the competition for the best-trained bodies, but instead, they like and enjoy their own, natural, authentic body shapes.

Actually, they began to record and publish their intimate moments, as a conscious statement against commercial, popular, and often not very ethical porn. They have noticed the impact of it on their sexual relationship.  In fact, they feel that recording their sex has made them closer, and strengthened their relationship. That is why they decided to upload their content on the internet to “fight the misconceptions of porn.” This has allowed them to contribute to the stream of conscious ethical porn. It also helped them to overcome past trauma, recover sexual value and self-esteem. Therefore, they see in erotica the healing potential to reconnect with one’s sexuality. Their production recalls the stream of social sex erotica. They create another visual vocabulary to talk about sex: not professional nor amateur. They are not “porn.” They are real people and they remain that way in front of the camera. And we love them exactly that way! Honest and intimate, living their special relationship, creating passionate and caring love scenes.

Films from Efi and Walter

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