Dion De Rossi

Non-binary Australian performer Dion De Rossi is based in Berlin, where they also work as a sex and intimacy coach, educator, and fully trained sexological bodyworker.

Queer, feminist, and pleasure activist, Dion De Rossi strives — in their own words — “towards creating a more sexually liberated society for all people.” As such, their work is all about sexual empowerment, the letting go of all kind of stigma, and not only the acceptation, but the celebration of our differences.

As part of the LGBTQA+ community, they know the importance of giving center stage to oppressed groups. They founded the body-positive Sluts4Sluts collective centring queer, trans, PoC, disabled, neurodiverse, and survivors bodies. You’ll find them in the picturesque “Jealousy Shock Therapy” or in the solo performance “Dion solo.”

Films from Dion De Rossi

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