Diego Sans

Diego Sans is an actor that you just always want to see more of. He is tall, handsome, and extremely fit. Diego is based in the US but has Brazilian origins. He makes your mouth water as you watch him. In a video on the joys of edging, that you can see on CHEEX, we see Diego in all his majesty.

He claims that he has never done edging at the beginning, but within a few minutes he is smiling and gasping his way through the pleasure. If you like an extremely toned wolverine, you will love Diego Sans. He mostly appears in Queer films where his lick can be felt through the screen. His tongue deep dives into every part of the lucky lover’s body and makes you want to be part of the glorious sensuality. When he is receiving, you become lost in his pensive eyes. He pushes his lovers deep and lets them suck him hard. His whole demeanor is enrapturing. When he talks to the camera his gorgeous cartoon eyes take us and make us want more. He is charming and delectable all at the same time!

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Wanna get a taste of CHEEX?

Wanna get a taste of CHEEX?