Avery Black

Avery Black describes herself as an ‘LA Babe with an Oakland booty’ and she is just that, with an extra bit of spice. She really means business with her gorgeous body and very sexy performances. We say ‘performances’ lightly though, as since Avery has met her lovely boyfriend, it doesn’t really seem like a performance at all!

She shoots with her boyfriend, Oliver Davis in beautiful homely bedrooms. They are both extremely stylish and watching them fuck is a true delight. Avery Black is flexible and moves about like a very sexy ballerina. If you are not sure whether you will be enticed by her, just check out her instagram, ‘@kattercup,’ which shows just how cool and open she is. You can also see that there is a big amount of love with Avery and Oliver as they are shown in romantic settings. It is so nice to see that Avery Black is all loved up and we get to see the consequences of all that love in their own cozy environments. It feels extremely fulfilling and wholesome. There is soo much more to come from Avery Black and we look forward to delivering more for you soon, with Oliver also!

Films from Avery Black

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