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Muse, 2022

Duration: 22 Min.
Direction: Sylvia Borges
Starring: Bunny BBW, Romy Alizée, Puck Ellington

Director of Photography: Claire Jahn
Art Direction: Charlotte Kuhrt
Screenplay: Sylvia Borges
Production: Sylvia Borges

CHEEX presents its first exclusively produced film Muse by writer, director and producer Sylvia Borges in cooperation with art director Charlotte Kuhrt. Female sexual self-determination and artistic aesthetics is the theme throughout the film. The three main characters Bunny, Romy Alizée and Puck Ellington come together with different stories, thoughts and body shapes. The main setting is a nude drawing course including professional draft artists. In front of the eyes of all the other course participants, a sensual game between the three of them begins.

The intention of Muse is to break down standardized viewing habits, to free the audience from unrealistic, oppressive and discriminatory ideals of beauty and to show different body forms in all their lust and beauty.


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