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Muse, 2022

Duration: 22 Min.
Writer & Director: Sylvia Borges
Performers: Bunny BBW, Romy Alizée, Puck Ellington

Director of Photography: Claire Jahn
Art Direction: Charlotte Kuhrt
Production: Sylvia Borges

Female sexual self-determination and artistic aesthetics is the theme throughout the 22 minute film. The three main characters Bunny, Romy Alizée and Puck Ellington come together with different stories, thoughts and body shapes. In addition to emancipated female lust, the naked body is celebrated as art and a symbol of self-determination. All three live out their fantasies and desires freely.

“I talk about discrimination and my life with a fat body every day. That’s why it’s so important to me to create more visibility for fat bodies. The film Muse is meant to inspire and liberate, because we all deserve to celebrate our desire.“

Charlotte Kuhrt, Art Director

The main setting of the film is a nude drawing course including professional artists. Mia, a young woman who attends a nude drawing course for the first time, is fascinated by the self-confidence of the model. The teacher of the course and the model take over the room with an erotic energy. Before the eyes of all the other course participants, a sensual game develops between the three of them.


Interviews Cast & Crew

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Sylvia Borges & Charlotte Kuhrt

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Nathan & Tatjana

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Bunny BBW

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Puck Ellington

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Romy Alizée


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