Tania Shinaryen

Tania is an Estonian model and performer in the adult industry who is steadily trending upwards with her content. It all started as she was watching amateur porn with her partner, and the idea came up to try it out herself.

With several thousand followers, Tania Shinaryen is now a verified member on various platforms with her content. 

In her films, she confidently takes on different roles and performs them with passion and ease. But she also shows her lust in films as herself. She and her partner also like to immerse themselves in virtual reality as other people, which is due to her passion for gaming. To balance it out, however, they both keep it sporty with bouldering and the gym.

Even though outwardly and on social media everything that can be found out about her is possible, she not only brings something mysterious to the screen with her appearance, but is also privately a mystery to the outside world, which may well increase the level of fascination to her viewers. 

CHEEX is also captivated by her self-confidence and self-determination to decide who she is and how she presents herself, which makes Tania an important artist and part of our website

Films from Tania Shinaryen

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