Karla Lane

Karla Lane is a 35-year-old performer based in Los Angeles, California. Plus-size and body-positive, she embraces each and every curve of her sumptuous body and fiercely defies western beauty standards.

Karla Lane is the embodiment of sexiness. With her confidence and playfulness, she shows that sensuality has little to do with the way you look and everything to do with attitude. She encourages other women to feel empowered and desirable in their own body — and we love her for that.

Very grounded, Karla is also a Yoga and Meditation enthusiast. Her happy place is her backyard, where she raises many chickens, and grows vegetables and fruits of all kinds. She lives together with her husband Mo who produces adult films, and also likes to take part in some of her videos. She likes to shoot with other partners as well: see it for yourself in “Best Massage Ever” starring April Flores.

Films from Karla Lane

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