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The Orgasm Sound Library is devoted to boost the quality of people’ sex lives with a real, authentic and emotional approach.


The Orgasm Sound Library is part of Bijoux Indiscrets, a platform for erotic products dedicated to improve the quality of people’ sex lives with a real, authentic and emotional approach. Based on this commitment, you carried out quite a big study in 2016 which explores the prejudices and taboos that influence and condition our sexial behavior. Porn has huge influence on our sexual behaviour and desire. One of your main findings was that,

44.7% of women would like their sex lives to resemble a romantic movie and 38.2% of men would like their sex lives to be like porn film.

This let you create the orgasmsoundlibrary – a project that enlightens and focuses on the real sound of female pleasure. This is super interesting and we love to hear more about this unique idea and your journey.


CHEEX: Hello, so nice to have you here. You should know, that we are big fans of your work.  Give us three words to Orgasm Sound Library.




What was your initial ignition to start with the Library?

We realized that female pleasure, female bodies and female masturbation were still surrounded by lack of information, shame, myths and above all, taboo. When we launched our first vibrator, external for the clitoris, many women were not able to link it to pleasure because it was external and non-phallic. That’s when we decided to investigate more. That’s when we made the sexual study.

To present the results and give voice to real pleasure, we decided to create the Orgasm Library, where we “show” that pleasure sounds as diverse as we are as humans.

No fiction, porn or Hollywood, ever represented reality but it affected the way we live our sexuality.

The porn industry was and still is mainly directed towards the consumption of the hetero, cisgender male viewer. How was the reaction to your idea of an audio library made by women for women at that time?

This pornification of sex give the impression that women are aroused in 5 seconds, penetration is key for pleasure and foreplay is not sex, is just those “you lick I lick” moment to get the other in the mood. This stereotype creates a false image of sex and pleasure and when you go and replicate it in “bed” that’s when problems start. “Is there something wrong with me?” I don’t orgasm with penetration.”  “I should enjoy anal (with no previous preparation) and I don’t.”

“I fake and scream orgasms because I believe it is the right way”

 (and we – women – should orgasm THIS way)… and so many other NOT real behaviours that we inherit from fiction.

The library is a place that shows that 90% of orgasms uploads are from women masturbating, some scream, some don’t and the sounds are sooooo diverse, exactly how pleasure should be. Women have solo play pleasure, that is against all beliefs of the established patriarchal society.

Who’s your target consumer?

Mostly women and feminist man.

How can members let their fantasies and desires flow into your work?

We believe that sexuality is a very important part of our identity and that pleasure keeps us balanced. We need to be free to explore and feel and Bijoux Indiscrets give the right tools to do so, away from pornification, myths and taboo.

Audio porn seems to become more and more popular. Would you say, you provide stimulative audio?

I believe we left imagination out of the game for a while and it plays a very important role in our arousal. Audio “porn” brings back imagination into the game 🙂


Why do you think women are wishing for more authentic  and real-life porn?

We paid a very high price for having porn and Hollywood be our sex ed. None represent real life, pleasure or even “real” female anatomy. It is time to show that there is nothing wrong with our bodies, if our vulvas and labia do not match the one’s from the porn actresses and nothing wrong if our pleasure doesn’t’ either.

It’s time to enjoy our bodies by ourselves, know our pleasure and then share it if we want to. It’s time to claim our pleasure and close the pleasure gap, created by this double standard patriarchal society we live in.

Do you remember the first time you saw porn? What did you think and what did it do to you?

I was a young teenager. My memory of that moment is not unpleasant but it was a non violent movie with no violence troughwards women nor humiliation that I can recall.

I remember watching it with friends and it just felt good and maybe a little embarrassing. Later, I discovered that real sex resembles a little bit to that but there is sooooo much more to it. Now, mainstream porn doesn’t make me feel that good at all.


What is the main difference between fantasy sex and real life sex?

Fantasies are absolutely “normal” and essential to sex but the problem is how you materialize it and how we communicate it. Fantasies are not above consent. One that always made very uncomfortable, was the generalize opinion that all women fantasied with rape sex… We must explain in detail when statements like this are made.

One thing is being dominated, role play and with communication and consent and another is perpetuate the rape culture of NO means YES, YES means ANAL

In a perfect world: How would porn look like?

I do not believe in perfect, I believe in better. I guess porn should stay away from violence and humiliation thoughwards women and other segments of our society (the non white cis male). It should represent the diversity of bodies and gender identity in real life. Specially because porn still educates people and that is how they will understand pleasure and sex.

Thank you for all the insights,  it was so much fun talking to you Orgasm Sound Libary.

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