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Reconnecting With Sexuality After Sexual Trauma


The violence and impact of sexual assault stretches way further than just the incident, and has a tremendous influence on every aspect of your life. Read how Anna Wim dealt with the aftermath of their sexual trauma, and what lead them to rediscovering a good relationship with sex again.

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Newest Articles

Choking during sex has become much more prevalent, however, it’s not a practice without controversy.

While the Monkeypox virus is not new, the rate at which it is spreading is. After the COVID-19 outbreak, many are growing fearful of this new threat. Get all the answers to your questions in this article.

Similar to the dictionary definition of the word kink; “a sharp twist or curve in something otherwise straight”, a sexual kink can be described as anything that falls outside mainstream sexual activities. But, then again, what is that?

To squirt or not to squirt? It might seem just a trivial reference to Shakespeare applied to explicit content.

CHEEX and The Pleasure Society invite a series of writers to share their experiences, thoughts, and feelings about how their sexuality has a connection with their age. Or how it doesn't at all. Our sexuality constantly changes and transforms itself in all kinds of shapes. Deep dive into the lives of four different writers that will take you by the hand in some of the things that have shaped their sexuality today.

We brought three of your fantasies to life and we can promise you this: the produced audio stories will make you feel all sorts of emotions…

Here is what you need to consider before giving in to the temptation of fucking when you are sharing a house.

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Cybersex can be so much fun, but you might not want the world to know about it. We look at ways to make sure your privacy is protected.
Blowjobs are a common thing, some would even say they’re essential to foreplay. But even though they’re so widely spoken about, why are our thoughts about them still so controversial? Just because you’re the one doing it, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it too.

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Doll eyes, oversized breasts and countless tentacle arms that are about to penetrate all sorts of body openings? Welcome to the bizarre world of hentais!
While her vagina is penetrated and the front upper vaginal wall is stimulated, she massages her clitoris herself. At some point she feels the pressure, and suddenly she cums. In this way, women experience a female form of ejaculation: squirting.