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Time to break some taboos! We answer those questions no one dares to ask, take a deep dive into sexual wellness topics and get to know our performers.

We all are familiar with the infamous blowjob, but have you ever heard of a rim job? Here are some of our tips for this exciting practice of oral sex.
Girl on the Net could be described as the star of erotic sex blogs. Her texts are full of lust and are always explicit and very personal. We met this -arguably- most important blogger for female sexuality and interviewed her.
With terms like "lotus" or "buzzing monkey" many of us directly think of yoga postures. These are actually terms for sex positions that can make sex particularly exciting. The Indian sex bible Kamasutra, which translates as "teachings on desire" from Sanskrit, is entirely devoted to lust.
While her vagina is penetrated and the front upper vaginal wall is stimulated, she massages her clitoris herself. At some point she feels the pressure, and suddenly she cums. In this way, women experience a female form of ejaculation: squirting.
Doll eyes, oversized breasts and countless tentacle arms that are about to penetrate all sorts of body openings? Welcome to the bizarre world of hentais!
The contact restrictions in place because of the Coronavirus situation aren’t exactly fun of course - especially for those of you out there who are single! How can you meet new people without spreading the virus?
porn industry
What was the name of the world's first sex shop and why is this little bit of online history so often deleted from people’s work computers? Here are our 11 sex facts from the porn industry - surprising insights guaranteed!
safe sex
Having a hot encounter in your favorite bar seems promising. But how does the topic of safe sex fit into this exciting erotically charged vibe? Here are some tips on how to make safe sex really sexy! Finally!

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