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Sex(work) — A conversation with Jules

by Rosa Stubenberg

At CHEEX, you pay for content to enrich your sex life. Even if this online platform faces legal challenges at times, they are not comparable with those faced by sex workers in the field. What follows is a conversation with Jules, a sex worker in her thirties I met a couple of years ago at a festival. What especially interested me are her clients, many of whom live with disabilities, as well as her activism.

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Newest Articles

July is Disability Pride Month. We want to talk about this history of this month and its importance going forward.

How does an abortion influence our body. How soon can we have sex again and is there a difference between when it is possible to have oral, vaginal or anal sex? Find all the answers you were looking for here.

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CHEEX and The Pleasure Society invite a series of writers to share their experiences, thoughts, and feelings about how their sexuality has a connection with their age. Or how it doesn’t at all. Our sexuality constantly changes and transforms itself in all kinds of shapes. Deep dive into the lives of four different writers that will take you by the hand in some of the things that have shaped their sexuality today.

When hearing about sex-positivity, many think it is only a matter of being able to sleep with whomever one wants. In reality, this is but a fraction of what this growingly popular movement stands for.

One of my favorite Sexuality coaches said once in an article; ‘Sexual empowerment is vast and complex — not a linear graph, not a one-way street, but an ever-unfolding prism.’

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