In The Snow

Every Friday we publish a fantasy about a certain topic. This story comes from Chloë



All my fantasies are highly tactile. In the sense that they have a lot to do with touch and what I feel on my skin. In one fantasy I have regularly, I’m lying in the snow and I focus on the sensation of my warm body in the cold snow. Sometimes I’m lying there alone and sometimes someone’s with me, usually my boyfriend.

We both lie there naked

When I envision the fantasy I see a very abstract image: mostly close-up body parts and lots of skin. When my boyfriend’s in the fantasy, we have sex, but that’s not even the most important thing. The fantasy is more about the warmth of my body melting the snow. I feel the ice crystals on my skin and the sensations, the tingling, the drops of snow.



The fantasy has something very serene, calm, and quiet about it. When it’s been snowing outside, there is a certain muffled sound and then the world is really quiet—that’s how I would describe how my fantasy feels. Like there’s an aural veil over my imagination.

That cold element comes back in a lot of my fantasies.

This probably sounds very stupid, but I also like to fantasize that my body is freezing. First my toes freeze, then my arms, and slowly my whole body becomes frozen. What arouses me about this idea is that my body can then unfreeze again.

So it’s about the warmth of my body and the cold of the environment. But if I were to turn the fantasy around, a cold body in the sun, that wouldn’t actually excite me at all.


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About Yes Please!


All fantasies are literal transcriptions from real-life interviews. The “Yes Please!” project was initiated by Dutch researchers and authors Lucas De Man and Mariëlle de Goede. Inspired by the famous writer Nancy Friday, the Two set out to discover what people fantasize about today. They took a little caravan and converted into a recording study and stationed it at festivals, conferences, and other large gatherings to interview people from all walks of life. The result is the largest study of sexual fantasies in the Netherlands and Belgium, brought to you by a liberating book under the same name (currently only available in Dutch).


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