Babygurl’s Birthday Bang

Manon Praline is turning 40 and for her birthday, her sweet and sadistic Leather Family planned a very special celebration. Seven eager tops await their precious babygurl — eager to devour her like cake with their hands, mouths, tools, and toys. Manon thanks her family profusely as they each take their turn wishing her a very happy birthday.

Sensory Masturbation

Jamal Phoenix introduces us to his world of sensory stimulation. Watch, Learn, Touch, Repeat!

Underneath Their Nylon Leotards

A wise person once said that dancing is the vertical expression of horizontal desire. Weaving in ballet and kink, this scene makes you want more.


Shay Knox and Mahx Capacity are full of #fatfemme4fatfemme desire. Shay and Mahx are two of the hottest femmes we know. They nerd out about the complex joy of fat femme sex and identity over a juicy pomegranate, and then dive enthusiastically into fisting, and ferocious orgasms.

Dirty Talk Mix

Slip on your headphones and pull out the toys for a date with five hot, hypnotic visitors–you're the guest of honor. AORTA's first quarantine film invites you to indulge in a delicious mix tape of instructions and scenarios in this choose-your-own-adventure of dirty talk.

Hard At Work

All work and no play makes Ze and Indigo hot and switchy...Working from home definitely has its perks!

Orgy 2

Sensuously demonstrating tricks of the trade, Corey More (they/them) entices a tough crowd with top-notch toys. Things start to heat up, and Mahx Capacity (they/them), Shay Knox (they/them), Chloe Venom (she/her), and Parts Authority (they/them) strip down to participate in some hands-on learning.

Triple X

Touch my body, touch my soul - let's fuse together until it no more.

Menage Versace

Top or Bottom? Adelaide and Victor are making out in front of their house until Pierre Dog is spotted and invited over to their house...spending the whole day exploring.

A Beautiful Creature

Part documentary, part queer porn, A Beautiful Creature captures moments of discovery and growth that surround one trans/nonbinary couple’s experience of pregnancy during the coronavirus pandemic.


Papi Femme finds Corey More lounging in a pile of sweets, gorging themselves on hard candy. Morning sun pours through Corey's bedroom window, casting soft light on the delicious candy mess.

2 Or 3 Things I Like About Him

This scene is an attempt to create a subjective gaze at a professional porn set. Contrasting the proximal POVs of performers Jamal Phoenix and Billy Vega with an at times tableau-vivant-like outside perspective, it oscillates between intimacy and distance.

Sensual Tableau

What happens when the legendary Bishop Black meets the rising-star Jamal Phoenix? An instant connection, leading to an ecstatic afternoon session. Their sensual bodies create the most pleasurable and exciting tableau.

The Receiver

While Covid times pushes us to redefine relationships and desires, Salty Chéri and Manon Praline decided to play conciously with the power Dynamics between film maker and performer: Salty set up three blind dates for Manon.

Merci Madame Manon

In this switchy scene, Madame Manon is proud to show off her gorgeous and so perfectly obediant babydoll Puck Ellington. The Femmedomme uses the doll as her personal toy for pleasure, breaking through the limits of ethically acceptable sex practices.

Mutual Masturbation

Some of us love to be watched and some of us love to watch… and a lot of us are exhibitionists and voyeurs in equal amounts. What if the performers you love in porn wanted to watch you too?