Paint Me Like

The triangular teacher-student-model power dynamic is the perfect reflection for Blake’s own fantasy to be periodically interrupted while painting and receiving the lustful discipline that only iterates the horniness.

Vegetal Pleasure

Surrounded by an urban indoor forest, Tormenta Cósmica explores the smells, textures and the moisture of the plants close to her body. A wet and orgasmic session!

Wet Weekend

Lucille had planned a romantic break away for her girlfriend, it was her first relationship with a woman and she was definitely trying hard to make things just perfect. The new couple have the most fun stuck inside together on a wet afternoon...

Cherry Lady

Take a chance for romance, in this sweet yet naughty clip Shinaryen is enjoying her partner's full attention — caressing and being caressed!

July In June

July in June shares a precious moment of self-care, including squeezable pillows and a vibrating toy that is optimal to ride on.

Squirting Bondage

A delightful play between power and submission, which Emma cannot get enough of.

Feet And Harness

Feet, harnesses and some liquids circulating in this passionate scene with Magia Rosa.

Valentine in April

April and Valentine seduce each other swiftly on the couch, including some heavy tongue action. We like what they do.

Squirt Your Face

A simple set-up, yet powerful at last. Magia Rosa are exploring the lustful techniques and joys of how to squirt.

Oral Play X Banana Nomads

Steamy toy tutorial with Banana Nomads and Fun Factory. This time it is all about oral play and squirting.

Double Trouble

Best times ahead with Vanessa and her toyful play.

Squirting Tutorial

Learn how to squirt and touch yourself with charming Caroline. It might make you want to burst into tears of joy.

Love In The Digital Age: Episode 4

Mark stops by Janine's to see how everything is since she has taken herself offline. Mark admits to being very nervous on their first date and would like to start off with a kiss and after second thought Janine kisses him and takes him into the bedroom for a hot redo.

First Squirt

Es Luna is inviting us to the art of squirting!
Featured Clitastic Porn


The play of push, submission and domination can sometimes lead to clitastic moments of heaven.