Tasting My Cum

King Noire is treating himself with a masterful play of its own. The cherry-on-top? Enjoying the taste of his own cum.

Soundscape: Rise and Shine

Feeling like the weight of the world is on your shoulders when you wake up in the morning? We've got something for you! Our Rise and Shine Soundscape has been engineered with theta Waves to help you wake up with positive feelings and a positive mindset.

Flowers And Laces

An early morning with an anal play for pure pleasure and self-care! More flowers, and laces por favor!


In an intimate encounter of selfcare, Manuh Cortez tenders herself in the bathtub...

Vegetal Pleasure

Surrounded by an urban indoor forest, Tormenta Cósmica explores the smells, textures and the moisture of the plants close to her body. A wet and orgasmic session!

Solar Orgasm

The setting is an urban jungle somewhere in Brazil. Withdrawn from the big city life, Alò makes some time for herself and her new magic wand!

Peaches And Cream

Peaches And Cream is a dreamy piece about the body and the pleasure to play. The soft colors, the sounds and the beautiful shapes will most certainly bring you into a bloomy mood.

Fuck Yourself

After a long night out, silence is finally returning home. She slowly wakes up - and comes to herself. An homage to the self-touch and it's silent pleasures.

Overcum Your Fears

Here it is: the "almost finished" work of art! The artist finds himself in this dear moment, adding a very personal touch to his artistic creation.

Prostate Pleasure Tutorial

Charming Luna Matatas explains how to arouse your partner with a prostate pleasure massage. Exploring different types of toys and feelings of touch, she swiftly demonstrates how to best activate those lovely p-spots your partner will love.

July In June

July in June shares a precious moment of self-care, including squeezable pillows and a vibrating toy that is optimal to ride on.

Sexual Health Tutorial

Sexual health is a broad topic that expands beyond the use of condoms. Parker Marx addresses the different dimensions of health and emphasizes the more important aspects that should be taken into account.

Teneriffa Squirt

Doing, and being done. Giving and receiving. July and her partner share this intimate moment of their trip to Teneriffa, with lovely sunshine on the butt.

Temperature Play Tutorial

One of a kind, this tutorial on Temperature Play explores the thrill and beauty of this particular practice. With the voice over and some written instructions, everything you'll learn will stick with you.

Touché Moi

A quite moment in the bathroom, well-used for a self-loving and touching trip.

Yoni Massage

Caroline guides us through the unknown and powerful worlds of the Yoni Massage. Slowing down and inviting sensuality, are key to the practice as she teaches us here.