Gang Click Bang

HardWerk's latest gang bang is a slow burning subversion of the cinematic tropes that finds the carnal in the camp and the sumptuous in the sleaze. For her first ever gang bang on film, lead performer Maria Riot, and the film makers reimagined the figure of the bossy (generally male) photographer with a much-needed shift on the gender axis...

Wine And Dine

An unforgettable dinner with friends, turns into an orgasmic dessert. Charlie has invited her friends and loves to serve to them, until it's time for her turn.


The film plays out a in subversive sci-fi vision of the future where men have died out and their semen is the latest commodity. For the film makers it's a teasing role-reversal in which rough sex, facials and swallowing — traditionally viewed as objectifying women — instead turn men into little more than fantasy fodder and cum dispensers for a privilege princess....

The Cult of The Cosmic Howl

A CHEEX Original Audio in Collaboration with Reed Amber  - The Cult of The Cosmic Howl is facing an orgasmic challenge: they have to select a new leader. Through a cosmic game of tease and denial the two contestants battle for the highest position in front of their fellow congregants. They cum close to electing a new leader when a collective calling shakes up the temple’s walls and beliefs. 

Sweet But Psycho

Four of the hottest performers on the scene create a hilarious and erotic film. The vibe between them is full of laughter and pleasure – it’s no surprise they are all so popular.


Two couples play an innocent game. For the friends, this ends differently than expected.

Dirty Talk Mix

Slip on your headphones and pull out the toys for a date with five hot, hypnotic visitors–you're the guest of honor. AORTA's first quarantine film invites you to indulge in a delicious mix tape of instructions and scenarios in this choose-your-own-adventure of dirty talk.

Orgy 2

Sensuously demonstrating tricks of the trade, Corey More (they/them) entices a tough crowd with top-notch toys. Things start to heat up, and Mahx Capacity (they/them), Shay Knox (they/them), Chloe Venom (she/her), and Parts Authority (they/them) strip down to participate in some hands-on learning.


What is Pansexuality? Discover it in this explicit documentary, depicting an orgy occurring unexpectedly among a group of young friends. The strip poker game you'd love to play...

Swinging Below Deck

Award winning combination of pornography and art. Praised for being intimate and and so softly engaging, this is a hot scene.

Hot Power Couple

The hottest bisexual foursome from the Xconfession series existing. This short is all about sexy tension and the undeniable passion between lustfully like-mined people who can't keep their hands off each other.

Foursome Nights

The way to the heart is through the stomach, a delicious dinner night transforms into a wild session of sex.

Female Pleasure Circle

A portray of five self-determined women, breaking the taboo of female masturbation in an intimate masturbation class followed by an all-female orgy.

The Bride Gang

Here cums the bride…You could say that tradition and established institutions lie at the core of Hardwerk’s Bride Gang. But, of course, it comes as no surprise that the associated tropes and clichés become a playground for subversion, empowering the female and the non-conformative.
Girls Night In

Girls Night In

Five cheeky babes, a couple of shots of tequila, a butt load of sex toys and watch this turn into anything but a slumber party. A glittery sex fest with plenty of orgasms.


Holed walls surrounding her, Tess does not know where to start as more people invite themselves in… but if anyone is in control, it is her.