feature film

Lunchtime Quickie

Charlie and Fin come through the door ripping each other's clothes off after a lunchtime date. But they'd better be quick before they get back to work!

Girls Night

When Laney's boyfriend cheats on her, Charlie brings over the box of tissues and the comfort food for a movie night. But when she teaches Laney how she should screen her boyfriends in the future, Laney decides to make a move on Charlie! This slow and sensual break up sex will leave you begging for more.

Heaven Massage

Slowly, and sensually, Kaia and Skye pour coconut oil over Charlie's naked body and massage and touch every inch of her. Charlie eventually leans in and kisses the women one by one, teasing their bodies. This video is slow, purposeful, and extremely erotic.

Wine And Dine

An unforgettable dinner with friends, turns into an orgasmic dessert. Charlie has invited her friends and loves to serve to them, until it's time for her turn.


When Charlie went on a date with someone else, her housemate Van decided to jump on the opportunity — he leaned in and kicked it off with a kiss...For raw, primal sex with insane chemistry...


The film plays out a in subversive sci-fi vision of the future where men have died out and their semen is the latest commodity. For the film makers it's a teasing role-reversal in which rough sex, facials and swallowing — traditionally viewed as objectifying women — instead turn men into little more than fantasy fodder and cum dispensers for a privilege princess....

Primal Scream

Sex writer Mimi fascinates Maria with her talk of Tantric breathing exercises and and how expressing yourself through primal noises can really enhance your pleasure. Their flirtation at the wedding soon leads them back to Maria's where they can't keep their hands off each other.

Paint Me Like

The triangular teacher-student-model power dynamic is the perfect reflection for Blake’s own fantasy to be periodically interrupted while painting and receiving the lustful discipline that only iterates the horniness.

Shut Up And Communicate

When it came to communicating with her lovers, Olivia was an expert. And it was all due to her ex... He was such a 'good boyfriend' that he would go down on her for hours. It sounds great except it never turned her on the way she knew it could....

A Friend With Benefits

A tender scene that makes you want to have sex with your best friend. Who wouldn´t want to try?

Cold As Ice

Kylie and Thor are playing with ice. Taking their turns to tease each other with cold chunks of ice, getting more and more turned on with their slow sex play. It's that sort of knowing and chemistry that only comes with a partner that you know well.

Sweet Smell

JJ and Pooky have been together for a long time and their union shows their intense level of intimacy and the mutual satisfaction that they gift one another as naturally as breathing. The chemistry between them is intoxicating for the viewer as their bodies writhe together to an exquisite finish.

Wet Weekend

Lucille had planned a romantic break away for her girlfriend, it was her first relationship with a woman and she was definitely trying hard to make things just perfect. The new couple have the most fun stuck inside together on a wet afternoon...

Skin On Skin

We love this threesome scene for the way that all partners take care to share their attentiveness, making sure that everyoneis having a good time. Starved of touch for so long, all three thoroughly enjoy all the carnal delights of each other's bodies.

Where’s Your Head At

Karen is a holiday shagger. She's never swapped details with any of her holiday sex partners or seen them back home. On holiday she sheds the skin of everyday Karen and she feels uninhibited and comfortable to be whoever she wants to be and ask for exactly what she wants from a partner...At this festival she meets Stu and their connection is instant.

Skin Hunger

They thought that in this new world, desire would reduce as the touch of skin became a deadly game. But for some it seemed to be a bigger turn-on. Yoyo and Carter meet in a bar and there is an instant attraction, despite the dangers and the watchful Eyes, the hunger for skin is too much to resist...