The Holy Couple is exploring sweet terrain. Expect new perspectives, and a lovemaking that tastes like sugar.

Smooth Operator

Slow and smooth, oily and rough - The Sexy Hippies are having a good after-shave time, sharing their spectrum of sentiments and love making. One of our favourites!

Rooting My Pleasure

It's root season! With the cold rolling in, July and her partner are getting cozy in bed with some fine dine vegetables...turning them into orgasmic objects.

Lunchtime Quickie

Charlie and Fin come through the door ripping each other's clothes off after a lunchtime date. But they'd better be quick before they get back to work!

Girls Night

When Laney's boyfriend cheats on her, Charlie brings over the box of tissues and the comfort food for a movie night. But when she teaches Laney how she should screen her boyfriends in the future, Laney decides to make a move on Charlie! This slow and sensual break up sex will leave you begging for more.

Velvet Kiss

Heavy curtains and lips that are yearning for each other. Velvet kiss is a special piece about two souls in their reign of love.


When Charlie went on a date with someone else, her housemate Van decided to jump on the opportunity — he leaned in and kicked it off with a kiss...For raw, primal sex with insane chemistry...

Rubber Thembo

Azalea Trix and LT Hawk revel in the sensation of tight latex, slippery lube, powerful vibrations and tingly spanks and the headiness of one person person controlling another one's breath.

Dirty Distance

A play of a lovesick long-distance couple pining for the sensual and emotional comfort of each other’s voices and bodies.


Water makes me wet. The shower makes me cum. A pool makes me want to fuck. Rain excites my skin. Lube all over us makes my pussy leak... he makes me soaking!

Primal Scream

Sex writer Mimi fascinates Maria with her talk of Tantric breathing exercises and and how expressing yourself through primal noises can really enhance your pleasure. Their flirtation at the wedding soon leads them back to Maria's where they can't keep their hands off each other.

Shut Up And Communicate

When it came to communicating with her lovers, Olivia was an expert. And it was all due to her ex... He was such a 'good boyfriend' that he would go down on her for hours. It sounds great except it never turned her on the way she knew it could....


A novel writer frustrated by not finding the inspiration is carried away by her imagination until she finds herself involved in a dream world where she meets the main character of her novel...it'll make you wet!

Etwas Nicht Binäre Liebe

Eine der gewinnenden Geschichten des CHEEX Audio Script Writing Contest! "Etwas nicht binäre Liebe" entführt Lesende in Tom & Emi's Dachgeschosswohnung an einem heißen Sommerabend. Eine wunderschöne, befreite Sex Szene, wie sie nur zwischen Menschen, die sich gegenseitig viel bedeuten entstehen kann entfaltet sich. Diese Audio Story erweckt allerlei Gefühle für alle, die nach dem gewissen Extra suchen.

More Than Friends

More Than Friends' is a story about roommates and best friends trying to suppress the sexual tension that's been building between them for more than 10 years. This audio story is one of the winners of the CHEEX Audio Script Writing Contest.

Gute Nachbarschaft

Hattest du schonmal einen Crush auf eine Person im Nachbarhaus? Wer nicht. In Gute Nachbarschaft werden wir eingeladen in eine immersive Fantasie von Michelle, die sich ihrem Verlangen zu der geheimnisvollen Person im Fenster nebenan hingibt. Gute Nachbarschaft wurde im Zuge des CHEEX Audio Script Writing Contest ausgewählt und vertont!