cheex originals

MEA In Love

MySweetApple is taking us on a sensual tour with MEA, Fun Factory's latest product excitement. With its magnetic Wave technology, MEA does not only stimulate the clit but also includes a suction program that is specially designed for multiple orgasms. Feel the caress of the breeze and watch MySweetApple unpacking this very special treat.

Prostate Pleasure Tutorial

Charming Luna Matatas explains how to arouse your partner with a prostate pleasure massage. Exploring different types of toys and feelings of touch, she swiftly demonstrates how to best activate those lovely p-spots your partner will love.


The main setting of the film is a nude drawing course including professional artists. Mia, a young woman who attends a nude drawing course for the first time, is fascinated by the self-confidence of the model. The teacher of the course and the model take over the room with an erotic energy. Before the eyes of all the other course participants, a sensual game develops between the three of them.

Couple Masturbation

Experience the ecstatic joy of self pleasuring together!

Breast Massage Tutorial

Dex Parker and Taylor take us on a tour through all the feels. Initiating the breast massage practice with a quick check-in on the state of the body and mind, Dex will then dive into the gentle breast massage.

Lingam Massage Tutorial

Dive into a full tutorial session with Esluna Love and Curved Martin on how to "Lingam Massage". Lingam is derived from the Sanskrit word for “penis,” and is a type of tantric practice that involves massaging the penis and the areas around.

Temperature Play Tutorial

One of a kind, this tutorial on Temperature Play explores the thrill and beauty of this particular practice. With the voice over and some written instructions, everything you'll learn will stick with you.

Yoni Massage

Caroline guides us through the unknown and powerful worlds of the Yoni Massage. Slowing down and inviting sensuality, are key to the practice as she teaches us here.

Orgasmic Breathwork

Breathing is a highly underestimated tool for boosting our pleasure, our arousal, and connection. It is something we do automatically every day, though we do not consciously experience it. In this workshop, we will learn how to tap into and use our breath before, during, and even after sex, alone or with a partner(s). The benefits that breathing techniques can offer to your sex life are infinite.

Sensory Masturbation

Jamal Phoenix introduces us to his world of sensory stimulation. Watch, Learn, Touch, Repeat!

Eating Out Tutorial

The art of eating out, charmingly explained and practiced with Esluna Love, our queen of sex-ed.

Blow Job Tutorial

Esluna Love presents a swift introduction into the art of giving a passionate blow job.

Anal Douche Tutorial

No body explains better and in such ease than Vanessa Vega, on how to use an anal douche and prepare for anal intercourse.

Valentines Love

Two love birds, that cannot get enough! Neither do we! #Forevervalentines

Oral Play X Banana Nomads

Steamy toy tutorial with Banana Nomads and Fun Factory. This time it is all about oral play and squirting.

Clit Play X Banana Nomads

This tutorial will give you much insights into FunFactory's most latest explorations into clit-play. Together with Banana Nomads you will learn how to make best use of NŌS and Volta.