Half Man, Half Snake

Every Friday we publish a fantasy about a certain topic. This story comes from Anika



A few months ago, I discovered that I’m asexual. What that means for me is that I never feel desire when I look at someone else. Neither have I ever fantasized about penetration, nor do I feel the need to experience it. I just don’t have the urge to have sex and I personally don’t mind at all.

But I do have sexual fantasies when I masturbate, because I do masturbate.

In most of my fantasies, I’m tied up in some way. One of my fantasies that always makes me cum very intensely is pretty crazy: I often fantasize about a man who has the lower body of a snake or an octopus.

And sometimes—and this is going to sound totally weird—with the lower body of a spider. But he doesn’t have a penis at all. In one of my very favorite fantasies this snake man hypnotizes me. He brainwashes me completely and I become completely helpless and tightly bound by his tail, while he tells me how much he likes me and how happy he is that I’m his.

When I imagine such a snake man, I see an angular face, with an upper body that is in good shape but not extremely muscular.

The snake’s body starts from the waist down and he can wrap his tail around me completely. In my fantasy, I’m walking around somewhere while he sneaks up on me. When I look him in the eye, he starts talking to me:

“Look at me, lose yourself, only listen to my voice…”

Listening to his voice, I can’t think of anything else. And then, the moment I am totally hypnotized, he slowly but tightly—and without pain—wraps me in his tail. He starts touching me and moves his tail to be able to touch my boobs and kiss me. It makes me feel wanted, because I can’t leave and I can’t escape. I like feeling like I don’t have to decide anything anymore. I don’t need anything, I can’t do anything, I just need to listen to him.



I’ve never experienced anything like this before though, so I can’t really imagine what it feels like. I have tried to roll myself into a sleeping bag or a blanket to try to mimic the feeling, but of course you can’t really tie yourself up on your own. I do listen to ASMR videos in which people talk to you as if they’re in a certain role.

There are men who make ASMR videos in which they pretend to be a snake man. I search for such videos on my phone, put my phone next to my ear and listen to a man who says he’s hypnotizing me… If those videos are out there, I’m certainly not the only one with this fantasy…


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About Yes Please!


All fantasies are literal transcriptions from real-life interviews. The “Yes Please!” project was initiated by Dutch researchers and authors Lucas De Man and Mariëlle de Goede. Inspired by the famous writer Nancy Friday, the Two set out to discover what people fantasize about today. They took a little caravan and converted into a recording study and stationed it at festivals, conferences, and other large gatherings to interview people from all walks of life. The result is the largest study of sexual fantasies in the Netherlands and Belgium, brought to you by a liberating book under the same name (currently only available in Dutch).


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