Growing An Incredibly Big Penis

Every Friday we publish a fantasy about a certain topic. This story comes from Tamara



I’m somewhere, it could be anywhere, and someone puts a hand on my neck. It’s a man, a stranger, and that hand on my neck makes me incredibly horny. We end up at my house, a safe environment, where he really dominates me. He shows me a whole new world and there is extensive wordplay.

He kneads my breasts quite hard, caresses me extensively and kisses my neck.

In my fantasies I rarely see a face but I do feel a big body. He’s big, muscular, hairy. I can feel his cock pricking in my back and I like it soooo much. While he’s at it with me, I’m moaning. He’s the boss, but in a good way. He doesn’t force anything, but he does take initiative and clearly knows what he wants. 

He wants me.


Then our roles turn and I become the dominant one. In some fantasies I turn into a man and sometimes I’m still a woman but I grow an incredibly big penis. The man sometimes remains a man and sometimes turns into a woman. When he becomes a woman I imagine a real woman with big hips, beautiful boobs, and a narrow waist.

Meanwhile, I also have boobs as well as a penis with which I can do anything, and the woman is enjoying that a lot. I tease her by suggesting that I’m going to penetrate her while making her wait and caressing her. It feels playful. And it feels like we melt together, wanting to caress, lick, and kiss each other in every possible way.


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About Yes Please!


All fantasies are literal transcriptions from real-life interviews. The “Yes Please!” project was initiated by Dutch researchers and authors Lucas De Man and Mariëlle de Goede. Inspired by the famous writer Nancy Friday, the Two set out to discover what people fantasize about today. They took a little caravan and converted into a recording study and stationed it at festivals, conferences, and other large gatherings to interview people from all walks of life. The result is the largest study of sexual fantasies in the Netherlands and Belgium, brought to you by a liberating book under the same name (currently only available in Dutch).


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