The ‘Vagina Based Collective’ are pretty epic educators and performers. They are based in LA and want to break conventions, not only from standing for the BIPOC and LGBTQ communities, but through their own unique and loving way of expression and exploration.

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Separately they are called Mrs. and Mrs. Sinner, aka Phoenix Rain and Papi. Their aliases are there for liberation means. They both met on Instagram and then found out they went to the same college. Thank God for Instagram! Their name came as a take on ‘Plant-based’ and we love it. They are open and honest about sex and everything to do with female sexuality and we love that. They want to change how women are ‘perceived, approached and employed in the adult entertainment industry’, with their main three aims being education, stimulation, and elevation. They are frequently leading inspiring and empowering projects, such as their most recent project, ‘’Vagina Based’’ which drew attention to equality for all and that we must embrace vaginas because that was how we, as humans, were born. It makes us, at CHEEX think of that Joy Crookes (Singer from London) line in her song Power; ‘’You came here through women, show some fucking respect.’’ We love Vagina Based Collective and what they stand for and can’t wait to feature as much from them as possible.

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