Taylor Oakes is a visionary. She began her career in the sex industry as a photographer of Kink. She believed that Kink could act as a cathartic practice for mental and physical exploration. She is a busy woman.

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Not only does she get behind the camera as a photographer, but she is extremely active on social media ,which is a further portal into seeing her workshops, BDSM, and art practices. On CHEEX she has appeared as an educator; teaching us how to thrust, breathe, suck and peg! In her breath-work she is perfectly communicative and open, leading us on a pathway to wellbeing, liberation, and definitely greater sex. She is extremely warm and makes every performer, she is in a film with, confident and reassured. She talks of the altered state of a climax and how much she loves to edge. She calls multiple orgasms ‘astral traveling’. We couldn’t have put it better! We have some lovely videos of Taylor Oakes talking to performers about their kinks, sexualities, gender theories, and sexual practices. It is enlightening and these interviews become so much more than just an interview. In ‘Sucking Sloan’ we see an inspiring open conversation led by Taylor Oakes about gender and how that can affect what you desire, need, and want within the sexual practice. Taylor Oakes is a glass of refreshing lemonade for the porn industry and we can’t wait to see more of her.

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