Rococo Royale

Rococo Royale is gorgeously powerful. She is very sexy but retains a girl next door persona that is warming to watch. She loves to play with women, suck the tits, and play lots of teasing games.

She is from the United States but plays in Europe as well. She definitely knows her way around a woman, which you can most definitely see in the CHEEX video ‘Fetish Femmes’. She wears black latex gloves like no other and we have never seen someone look so good with pink lipstick smeared around their face. When she fingers she pays utmost attention and when she receives, she loves to show her appreciation of pleasure by licking and sliding her way through her lover’s embrace. When she uses toys, she pushes softly, making sure that her fellow performer is always happy. Rococo Royale earns her second name by being the most elegant slapper and kisser with manners. Her ability to break those manners, though, is something to be marveled at. She always has her tongue ready to catch any pleasure point. Rococo is extremely versatile, being cute one second and devilishly sexy the other. CHEEX loves her and her tongue. You will definitely also!

Films from Rococo Royale

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